Can I forgive the man who raped me?

Thordis Elva is from Iceland and known to Icelanders as a writer, playwright, journalist and public speaker. She was voted Woman of the Year 2015 by the Federation of Icelandic Women’s Societies in Reykjavik for her work on gender equality, and has written a celebrated book on gender-based violence, 2009’s Á mannamáli (“The Plain Truth”). She currently resides in Stockholm, Sweden with her partner Vidir and their son.

Tom Stranger is Australian. He met Elva when he was 18 and on a student exchange programme in Iceland, and the pair had a relationship. Since then, he has worked in various sectors (community services, youth, outdoor recreation, charity, construction, and hospitality). For now, he is working as a landscape gardener and lives in Sydney with his wife, Cat.

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