What are your worst dating experiences?

Awoman who tried to let a man down gently after just one date was left surprised by his response: a request for his money back.

Lucy Brown, 38, from London, had arranged to meet someone through an online dating app for the second time in her life. Following an evening spent in the pub, she realised she was not interested, letting the man she’d been out with know via text message.

He replied to say that he was “devastated”. He also asked for a “contribution for the drinks I spent on you”. He signed off the message with his bank account details and sort code. Brown decided to refund him £42.50, but not without letting him know how funny she found the request.

Have you had a similar experience while dating? What is your approach to splitting the cost? Do you feel an obligation to go on another date if the other person paid the bill? Do you feel the pressure to pick up the tab? Have you ever asked for a financial contribution afterwards? We want to hear from our readers about their dating experiences and disasters. Share your stories below the line.

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