International Research Administration – (IRA)


1 IRA is looking for the research based interventions. In achieving this mission, the IRA intends t­­­o pursue the following strategic objectives.

1.1        To maintain and develop the widest range of research programs of regional, national and international standing in different languages, Urdu, English, Punjabi, Sindhi, Saraiki & Other.

1.2       To explore Education, Media, Science & Technology, Agriculture, Health & Other Fields issues through research to improve the services of these departments.

1.3        To ensure Quality Education, Equal Chance for all and to provide and improve basic facilities to all.

2      The general purpose of the IRA shall be to promote research: in particular by encouraging co-operation between research centers, by improving the resources and facilities available to researchers, by increasing contacts among them, and by facilitating collaborative research and training programmes